The secret recipe is protected, the taste is unique and every home and restaurant makes its own Tortellini with a personal touch. Every day these hand made gems are created with two common features - extremely thin pasta and a delicate aroma worthy of a legend...a love legend!   

 Festa del Nodo d'Amore - Every year Valeggio sul Mincio celebrates their 'Nodo d’Amore' (love knots) with an incredible dinner on the Visconteo Bridge in the cosy, medieval village of Borghetto.  The event takes place every Summer on the 3rd Tuesday in June.  Since 1993 this hugely successful event has been set in a fascinating landscape on the 13th Century Visconteo Bridge and in the shadow of the 11th Century Scaligero Castle - A real tribute to an amazing local history.  Literally tons of the famous home-made Tortellini are served by joyful restaurant owners and their staff on this spectacular evening.  Period costumes and medieval masks can also be seen strolling down the bridge in amongst the guests.  An incredible setting, a rich menu, special guests and the finale - a spectacular firework display from the Ancient Castle.   Tortellini e Dintorni - This event is a gastronomical journey with a series of routes through the centre of Valeggio.  Held in early September over three days, you have the chance to get to know and enjoy the most delicious dishes that Valeggio offers: Tortellini of Valeggio filled with the finest meat and seasonings, other types of Tortelli filled with seasonal specialties and even chocolate, the Torta delle Rose (a speciality cake shaped like a bunch of Roses), the Coppa al Bagno (a fine nut ice-cream blended with liquor), and many more culinery masterpieces.  To compliment these wonderful foods there are the famous local wines:  D.O.C. Custoza and Bardolino, that complete this journey into gastronomy.  These three days are made possible due to the active participation of pasta artisans, pastry chefs, wineries and the whole community.  The evenings of Tortellini e Dintorni are also enriched with many live concerts along the streets: an event within the event, that transforms the center of the town into a large open-air stage.   These are just two of many annual events that focus on the famous Tortellini of Valeggio.  Check the events section for others