Lake GardaThe lake itself is the largest in Italy and is more than 50km long with a shore-length approaching 160km.  Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and rich Mediterranean vegetation this ancient lake offers visitors an array of spectacular scenery and wildlife.  As well as being an area of outstanding natural beauty, there are also a whole host of activities, hotels, shops, campsites, bars, restaurants and night clubs providing something for everyone.Ancient StructuresLake Garda is encircled by a host of fabulous places that have retained the wonderful Italian charm and character of a bygone age - from sleepy fishing villages to bustling towns.In amongst them are a large number of magnificent castles, churches and buildings that clearly demonstrate the incredible skill and craftsmanship required to create such amazing structures.CyclingThe Mincio valley and the hills that encircle Valeggio are ideal places for long walks or bike rides.  A cycle path that begins in Borghetto follows the course of the Mincio and allows you to reach Peschiera and Lake Garda in a Northerly direction, whereas in a southerly direction you will reach the lakes of Mantua (Mantova).  This path runs right along the side of the river with wonderful scenery and is almost entirely flat for those that prefer a less demanding excursion.

Sailing, Cruises & WatersportsLake Garda is very well known for its windsurfing as the mountains funnel constant winds over the lake.  With the lake being so large, sailing is another popular activity with various clubs being able to provide lessons to beginners or hire out sailing boats to more experienced sailors.Horse RidingOne of the latest trends is to explore the lush countryside around Lake Garda on horseback.There are a surprisingly large number of specialised riding centres  in the vicinity and horse shows held here in recent years have helped increase its popularity. ClimbingSurrounded by mountains, there are plenty of spectacular climbs around the Lake and with varying degrees of difficulty.  From the vertical, 909m Cima Capi climb, to the less demanding, but equally thrilling, canyoning.  Some of the higher climbs will reveal trenches, high up in the mountains, where battle was once fought many years ago.Breathtaking views of the lake below and fresh mountain air.

Verona - The ArenaThe Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheatre located in the centre of the city in Piazza Bra.  It is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there and is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind.  The building itself was built in AD 30 on a site which was then beyond the city walls.  The ludi (shows and games) staged there were so famous that spectators came from many other places, often far away, to witness them.  In ancient times the amphitheatre could host more than 30,000 spectators.Museo NicolisCars and motorcycles, bicycles, public transport, and also musical instruments, cameras, typewriters and small aircraft.  The Nicolis Museum in Villafranca, near Verona, was founded by Luciano Nicolis, a Veronese entrepreneur, and is housed in a very modern building of glass and steel (6000 m2).  His passion for technology and mechanics has been open to the public since its inauguration in 2000 and offers Italian and foreign visitors a formidable mix of culture, entertainment, surprises and innovation.Verona - Juliet's BalconyOne of the most visited tourist attractions in Verona is Juliet's balcony.  Located in a small courtyard along with a bronze statue of Juliet, it is arguably the most famous balcony in the world.  The Capulet's home in William Shakespeare's romantic love tragedy is steeped in history and is enjoyed by crowds of visitors annually.  The romance that surrounds this wonderful attraction can be measured by the many love letters and notes attached to, and written directly onto, the walls just inside the entrance arch.

GolfThere are a number of high quality golf courses offering excellent facilities within a short drive of Valeggio sul Mincio and all have been designed to fit beautifully into the Garda landscape.The courses will challenge both beginners and more advanced enthusiasts and can played throughout the year.  Many of the courses also offer stylish accommodation for those that wish to enjoy a golfing holiday.GardalandGardaland Resort is a major tourist destination made of three completely complementary offers: an Amusement Park, a Themed Aquarium and two enchanting Hotels!  All the attractions of Gardaland Park never fail to deliver a special combination of adventure, dream and fantasy:  challenge the fury of the rapids in the heart of the jungle, face the dangers of a stormy sea or discover Prezzemolo Land, a colourful play area where the dreams of the little ones magically become reality!Altomincio Family ParkAre you looking for the ideal family holiday resort?  Altomincio Family Park, on Lake Garda, is the perfect place to spend relaxing days of fun surropunded by nature.  A unique park dedicated entirely to the needs of families with children and teenagers.  Total fun is guaranteed thanks to the swimming pools, lagoons, water slides and games within the largest water park of its kind in Italy!  Lake Garda and all of the wonderful places that surround it are just a few kilometres from Altomincio Family Park.